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    Make the Transition from Manager to Leader!

    So you want to be a Leader. Or, would you be happy being a Manager? Leaders have followers. Managers have people who work for them. You can be both if you want to be.

    Senator Aument Visits ABC Keystone Young Professional Committee

    On June 6, 2017, Pennsylvania State Senator Ryan Aument joined ABC Keystone’s Young Professionals Committee for a time of questions and answers. In an effort to connect its members to what’s happening in government, the committee invited the Senator to share his perspective on several areas of interest

    Three Lessons in Time: The Importance of Establishing Your Value System

    As time passes, the opportunities in life will change. People will move on from their current positions. Businesses may expand or deflate. It is our duty to create and establish a value system in our everyday lives: something worth fighting for, something worth leaving for, lessons of life that are placed right before us.

    ABC Opposes Plumbing Licensure Legislation As Support Falls Short

    House Bill 442, introduced by Rep. Jim Christiana (R-Beaver) began earlier this year as a bill that regulated the use of the title “licensed plumbing contractor.” Rather than regulating the entire practice of plumbing, the bill only set standards for individuals who held themselves out as a licensed plumbing contractor.

    Message from G. David Sload, Interim President, ABC Keystone

    On behalf of ABC Keystone, I would like to sincerely thank Kate McCaslin for her expertise and ideas that have helped to keep Keystone moving forward while providing the greatest value to you, the members.

    Letter from the Chair - Interim President Announcement

    As I’m sure you know, Kate McCaslin has accepted a position with an organization back in her home town of Spokane, Washington and has submitted her resignation as President/CEO the ABC Keystone Chapter.

    Building Trade Unions Abandon Subcontractors on Prompt Pay Legislation

    Earlier this week, the House Commerce Committee, chaired by Rep. Brian Ellis (R-Butler), moved a controversial bill that would, for the first time, establish the procedures for suspension of performance in Pennsylvania statute.

    As Budget Talks Heat Up, Legislature Eyes Prompt Pay and Plumbing Licensure Legislation

    In Pennsylvania, June is Budget Month – the last 30 days before the Constitution requires a balanced budget to be in place for the succeeding fiscal year. And while the legislature hasn’t always done the best job at meeting that June 30 deadline, the race to come reasonably close always brings other legislation to the surface.

    Pennsylvania Lobbyist Eyed For White House Chief of Staff Role

    In 1997, West Point graduate David Urban had earned the Bronze Star for his bravery in Desert Storm and decided to further his commitment to public service through a different route. He was hired by former Sen. Arlen Specter and only a year later, Urban was Specter’s chief of staff. Twenty years later, rumors are swirling about Urban serving as chief of staff again, only this time, to the Commander-in-Chief.

    Message from ABC Keystone President-CEO, Kate McCaslin

    For me, being a member of the ABC Keystone team over the past two years has been nothing short of amazing.

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