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    Communication is the Key to Success

    Success for the entrepreneur in today’s business world is based on four simple components:

    ABC's Member Discount Programs Delivered More than $33 Million in Member Savings in 2016

    ABC Keystone members can take advantage of tremendous discounts with ABC's Business Partners on Office Supplies and Delivery Services, as well as Benefits Plans, Documents and Payroll – and more.

    ABC Keystone Attains Membership Growth – It’s Good for All of Us

    This year, ABC is rewarding Sponsors with a $25 Amazon Gift Card for each New Member Sponsored! Just get your name on the Sponsor line of an approved New Member application, and ABC will thank you with a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

    Don't Miss the Opportunity to Learn from Dr. Matt Stevens and Improve Productivity and Profit!

    Don't Miss the Opportunity to Learn from Dr. Matt Stevens and Improve Productivity and Profit! Let Matt help you fine tune your skills for success. Take advantage of three upcoming sessions:

    ABC Keystone Staff Transitions

    Regrettably for us, Julina Greineder, our Director of Communications, resigned from her position at ABC in early January. 

    Member-Requested Welding Certification Coming to ABC Keystone

    ABC Keystone is proud to announce that ASME Pipe Welding Certification and both D1.1 and D1.3 Structural Welding Certification will be offered in 2017.

    Happy New Year! A Letter to the Membership by Donna J. Shoff, Chair of the Board

    2017 represents the 3rd year of our three-year strategic plan. A tremendous amount of time and effort goes into the development of a strategic plan which may make some wonder why we go through the process  as often as every three years.

    Free Enterprise Needs Your Help!

    One of the primary goals of the committee is to identify one employee in every  ABC member company, to whom we can disseminate advocacy related  information and invite to government affairs events such as Free  Enterprise Day and ABC National’s annual Legislative Conference.

    Keystone Chapter to offer In-Depth Superintendent Training Program

    Superintendent skills – or the lack of them – directly affects every company’s bottom line. Superintendent training is the answer to higher efficiency,  lower costs, and proper risk management. To meet our members' needs for high quality training, we are proud to announce that coming in March 2017, ABC Keystone will be offering an in-depth superintendent training program.

    Pennsylvania State Construction Notices Directory To Go Live

    As a follow-up to previous articles, we are again reminding members that the requirement for subcontractors and suppliers to file  Notices of  Furnishing in order to preserve their mechanic’s lien rights began December 29, 2016 based on information provided by the  Pennsylvania Department of General Services.

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