Whether you know it or not, if you are a believer in free enterprise and the Merit Shop, you - along with all other believers – are at war.  It’s a war for the future of free enterprise, opportunity and freedom – much is at stake.

The battles are being fought each and every day – in the halls of Congress, the chambers of state legislatures, methodically in the offices of bureaucrats in every nook and cranny of the country, and if you haven’t noticed, on TV and in social media.

The weapons of choice are not machine guns and hand grenades, but are piles of needless regulations, scores of ridiculous laws, and anti-business elected officials with a host of hair-brained ideas, all of which are lethal to the best hopes, aspirations and opportunities of America’s entrepreneurs, job creators and risk takers.

The good news?  We are fighting back.  Our soldiers are the thousands of honest, hardworking business people that show by example that good work and commitment to free enterprise can yield success despite all the odds.  Running interference for those soldiers are great organizations like ABC, Job Creators Network, Americans for Prosperity and many others.  Still, other great soldiers are the pro-free enterprise local, state and federal elected officials who push back against their anti-free enterprise counterparts and bureaucrats.

Another tool, critical to the war is ABC’s own Free Enterprise Alliance, (FEA).

The FEA was founded by the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC) to advocate for the voice of small business as well as open and fair competition in the construction industry.

At the heart of the Free Enterprise Alliance’s mission is the belief that while we need government for common sense regulations, the scales have tipped too far in favor of government intrusion and its advocates. The Free Enterprise Alliance believes small business and entrepreneurs—not union bosses and federal bureaucrats—grow jobs and our economy.

Since its inception, the FEA has fought for these goals through research, education, outreach, as well as TV, radio and digital campaigns across the country.  Rather than helping to elect pro-free enterprise candidates to office, the FEA’s focus is on issue advocacy and spreading the word about free enterprise and the Merit Shop.

ABC Keystone is a proud supporter of FEA.  Many of our members contribute to the FEA by including a contribution to FEA when they pay their dues to ABC at the beginning of each year.  Many other members and non-members contribute directly to FEA.  Notably the FEA can accept corporate funds as well as personal contributions.

With so many critical decisions next year, a lot is riding on the FEA’s ability to take a positive message to the streets on behalf of entrepreneurs and business owners.  To learn more about the resources available through the FEA like articles, videos and books supporting free enterprise, or to contribute, please go to www.freeenterprisealliance.org, or contact ABC Keystone President Kate McCaslin.