Excellence in Construction Frequently Asked Questions

By Dan Fichtner, Providence Engineering Corp.; Excellence in Construction Head Judge

Is the Excellence in Construction (EIC) awards program a contractor-to-contractor competition?

No! Submittals are judged against an objective standard, not against each other. In fact, if more than one submittal in a category achieves a Merit or Excellence score, then more than one submittal earns an award!

Is an award based on the project?

No! Judging is based on an objective standard that reviews how the contractor performed with the project before him or her. Judges are instructed to look past the design of the project and the budget of the project and focus on: was the project brought in on time, on budget, safely? Were difficulties overcome, and was client satisfaction achieved?

What if I didn’t have an “outstanding,” “spectacular” project in my book of work last year?

Enter anyway! Your work will be judged on how well you performed as a contractor, NOT on the design, cost, or size of the project! (See previous answer.)

Why are there so many project categories to choose from for our entry?

There is a long list of project categories in the awards program so that the size and budget and the type of project doesn’t get in the way of objective judging of the contractor’s efforts and success. We have developed categories that allow judging against an objective standard for similar difficulties in constructing similar projects!

How is the “Project of the Year” Award different from the other awards?

Since the awards program is judged so objectively, it was decided to look at the excellence award-winning projects, and then provide an opportunity for the world to see what ABC Keystone contractors are doing – building projects that have “community impact” and “wow factor!” (This is the only subjective judging in the EIC Program, and it is performed by separate, non-ABC industry professionals!)

Can a specialty contractor win the Project of the Year Award?

Yes! Their projects are reviewed along with other excellence award-winning projects!

And, yes! If a specialty contractor submits their work on a project that wins Project of the Year by a GC, they will be included in the award recognition!

Is a submittal to the EIC program worth the effort?

Yes! We’ve kept the Keystone criteria close to the National EIC criteria so that you may submit your excellence award-winning project for National exposure!

And, Yes! Ask anyone who has won an Excellence Award what it means to their business development and marketing efforts!

And, Yes! Ask them what it means to their client to have that recognition as well!