Advocacy Ramps Up Throughout Keystone Region

A critical component to the mission of ABC has always been advocacy. As a group of like-minded business professionals, the association has always been more than a construction trade association, but instead going the extra mile to espouse and advocate for free enterprise, the merit shop philosophy, and a level playing field. But believing in those principles and working to reshape Pennsylvania’s antiquated, imbalanced laws can be easier said than done.

In the midst of such a crucial election year, ABC has geared up a powerful accountability tool by developing an independent expenditure fund, focused less on helping legislators stay in office and more on keeping them accountable to their constituents. The Advancing the American Dream Fund capitalizes on a recent Supreme Court decision that allows organizations to accept unlimited corporate or personal contributions under the protection of anonymity to educate the public on critical issues and hold legislators accountable to their promises. The Advancing the American Dream Fund is a valuable tool for ABC and has the support of free enterprise advocates like Sen. Scott Wagner, who is working to reshape “business as usual” in Harrisburg.

The keystone to accountability is strong communication between legislators and members of the community, however, getting busy business owners and their employees to educate elected officials on the values of the merit shop isn’t always easy. Earlier this year, ABC Keystone brought on JD Bruno as our new Advocacy Coordinator. The new position allows ABC to play a stronger role in encouraging members and employees to get involved in advocacy and understand the effect that legislation has on the business world. In the coming months, JD will continue visiting members and educating employees on how to get involved, why the legislative process matters, and how it affects their lives.

If you’re interested in getting more involved, through the Advancing the American Dream Fund or by encouraging colleagues or employees to get more involved, contact ABC Keystone.