Building Your Business Through Relationships!

What if you could manage your digital marketing, event and training registrations plus sponsorships all in one place? Making just one budget decision; cutting just one check. And what if this streamlining also gave you the freedom of flexibility while saving you money and hassle at the same time? That’s just what you get from ABC Keystone’s C.O.R.E. Sponsorship Program.


The ABC Keystone C.O.R.E. Sponsorship Program is a convenient, value added, digital marketing, events and training package that allows member companies to increase their exposure in the chapter while saving money and making sponsorships decisions once for the entire year. The program features “FLEX spending credits” and a wide range of sponsorship levels for every company’s size. Granting the freedom to meet its individual needs and participation goals.

Other featured benefits of the C.O.R.E. Sponsorship Program include recognition at monthly events, company name on traveling event banners and table signs, sponsorship of all major ABC Keystone events, inclusion in the Excellence in Construction Awards printed program, badge ribbon recognition, bar sponsorship at ABC events and more!

The 2017 C.O.R.E. brochure is on its way to your mailbox. It features a new level: Sapphire at $10,500 with $5,150 in FLEX credits. There are now seven levels to suit every member’s needs. Please contact Barbara Holtzapple with any questions about the program or to sign up today!