ABC's Regional Construction Wake-Up Calls:

A convenient way to connect with your colleagues in Your backyard!

Do you struggle to find time to travel to an ABC event, but you value the industry news and networking that ABC events provide? Good news - we’re bringing ABC events to YOUR area on a regular basis!

We’ve segmented the Keystone Chapter area into four regions for the location of these events:
  • Northeast Region - Berks, Lebanon, and Schuylkill Counties and surrounding areas.  
  • Capitol Region - Dauphin, Cumberland, and Perry Counties and surrounding areas.
  • Southwest Region - York, Adams, and Franklin Counties and surrounding areas.
  • Lancaster Region - Lancaster County and surrounding areas.

Is your firm expanding its footprint? Are you in Business Development?  You're welcome to attend any location!

Upcoming Meetings

Meeting time: 7:30 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. sharp
Choose a date and location most convenient for you - or attend them all!

2017 "REGIONAL Construction Wake-Up Call" EVENTS Schedule:

"Finding Your ROI through Drones"
with Deron Gue, Liberty Belle Drone Imaging Services

Discover more about how drones can play into your ROI. Learn how to integrate with systems you already have in place.

"Hacked Today, Gone Tomorrow!"
with Business information Group

  • 10/24 - Northeast at Baker Tilly - breakfast sponsored by Tradesman International
  • 11/1 - Southwest at Buchart Horn - breakfast sponsored by McConkey Insurance & Benefits 
  • 11/8 - Capitol at Gannett Fleming - breakfast sponsored by RKL LLP 
  • 11/15 - Lancaster at ABC Keystone - breakfast sponsorship opportunity available! Contact Mike for details.

What's on tap?
Develop your business network and get pertinent info on topics that affect your livelihood. Network and exchange ideas and views with your peers from the region. Hear timely industry news that impacts your business. Shape the programming for the next meetings in your region - dates, time of day, programming types, locations.

Regional Construction Wake-up Call Events are hosted by members and sponsored by members which keeps these events free to attend! Thank you to our hosting and sponsoring members for your generosity.

“I am glad to see the meetings become more localized, it will make it
easier to attend and know the contractors better in our area.”

- Gregg Bogia, Bogia Engineering, Inc.

"I thoroughly enjoy the whole premise of the "Wake-up Call" meetings. They are early in the morning, so as not to break up or interrupt the day. The topics I have seen have all been relevant and worthwhile, the venues have been convenient to my location, and the times have been condensed to where I obtain great information but can still make it into my office by 9 am."
- Tony Forlizzi, Sheet Metal Specialists, LLC


Our goal is to schedule additional programming specific to each area  (upon their request) as well as networking opportunities within each  region. Come join us!