Free Enterprise on the Brink? Do Something About It!

By: Brent Sailhamer, Director of Government Affairs

Despite the many attempts by the Wolf administration to tax and eradicate business over the past two years, ABC has made great strides to advance free enterprise and the merit shop philosophy in Pennsylvania. But none of it could have happened without your help.

Stopping legislation that would have consumed business with broad-based tax increases, rolling back planned project labor agreements, and rectifying some of the state’s most heinous labor-management policies all happened with your help, your investment, and your commitment to free enterprise.

Each year, ABC members take one day to make great strides in advocating for a level playing field. This year, our Free Enterprise Day will take place on Monday, March 20, at the Keystone building in Harrisburg. The day will feature informative policy panels during lunch, an afternoon of policy meetings with legislative leadership, and an evening reception to mingle with some of Harrisburg’s most senior administrative and elected officials.

Amidst our busy schedules, the commitment of a full day, or even attending an evening reception, can seem trivial. But Free Enterprise Day is a respected event in Harrisburg where legislators look forward to receiving input from committed ABC members like you on issues that they have the ability to shape.

Register or Sponsor the event and help advance free enterprise!

"ABC’s Free Enterprise day in Harrisburg offers a unique blend of network and advocacy.  In exchange for a few hours of time, you can meet dozens of legislators, discuss important issues, and help ensure the health of our industry."  - James Stephens, 11400, Inc.