Letter from the Chair: ABC Members Successfully Promote Free Enterprise

By: Donna J. Shoff, H.L. Wiker, Inc.

On March 20, ABC members from across Pennsylvania joined together in Harrisburg at the State Capitol for ABC’s Free Enterprise Day. The pre-scheduled meetings with elected officials provided opportunities to communicate our legislative concerns and needs and to thank those who are champions of free enterprise. Something to consider: our work does not stop on Election Day. It’s important to stay engaged in politics to ensure our voice is being heard. This year’s Free Enterprise Day was a success, and I am confident ABC and our issues were made known to our lawmakers in Harrisburg. 

Another opportunity to make your voice heard is during the ABC National Legislative Conference in June. Consider registering for this conference in D.C. on June 22. We will be heading to the “Hill” to meet with our federal legislators and to promote free enterprise. Please consider attending. I am confident you will feel the time invested was worthwhile and enjoyable.

Switching gears from politics to workforce development, I’d like to share the wonderful experience I had as I attended the National Craft Championship Competition in early March. As you read in previous articles, ABC Keystone was represented by three competitors: two in carpentry and one in electrical. This was the first time I attended this completion, and I was thrilled to witness first-hand the dedication and enthusiasm by all who competed from across the nation. I left the event with a newfound confidence that the construction industry has a bright future because of the enthusiastic and skilled people who have chosen a career in construction. Congratulations to our carpentry competitors, Zach Rhoads and Justin Cramer, both from Benchmark Construction, and our electrical competitor, Jeremy Weaver from Farfield Company, for the opportunity to compete and represent the Keystone Chapter. It was a privilege to witness their hard work, and I feel certain they will enjoy much success in their careers.

Next month on May 24, 55 apprentices from the Keystone Apprenticeship program will receive their diplomas at the Apprenticeship Graduation and Craft Professionals of the Year Awards. Consider joining us at the Columbia Fire Hall as we celebrate and congratulate the hard work and dedication of our graduates and wish them luck as they continue their careers as journeymen. National ABC Chair, Chuck Goodrich, will be delivering a message to the graduates and attendees. Look for more information as it hits your inbox or check it out on the Keystone website.

Happy Spring to everyone. I look forward to seeing you soon!