Senator Aument Visits ABC Keystone's Young Professionals Committee

By: Jason A. Slobozien, Providence Engineering Corp., ABC Keystone Young Professionals Committee Chair

On June 6, 2017, Pennsylvania State Senator Ryan Aument joined ABC Keystone’s Young Professionals Committee for a time of questions and answers. In an effort to connect its members to what’s happening in government, the committee invited the Senator to share his perspective on several areas of interest. Pre-selected topics included: how he balances his work/home life, his stance medical marijuana and Pennsylvania’s Act 16, the current state of Pennsylvania’s education funding and property tax system, upcoming legislative challenges related to the construction industry, and suggestions on how we as members of design and construction firms can “increase our voice” in government.

The conversation was spirited, interactive, and extremely informative, as the Senator described his typical weekly schedule, his changing views and concerns on medical marijuana legislation, several reasons for the large inequality in funding for K-12 schools in Pennsylvania, and why college graduates are having trouble finding jobs while trades employers are having trouble finding skilled laborers.

As a follow-up to his visit, Senator Aument offered the following comment regarding Pennsylvania’s success: “If Pennsylvania is going to truly be a place where everyone – regardless of circumstance – has the opportunity to experience earned success, then our policies and laws must reflect what we know works to accomplish that important task: strong families, vibrant communities, high performing schools and a thriving economy built on the free enterprise system.”

On behalf of the Young Professional Committee, I would like to express my appreciation to Senator Aument for the time, advice, and enthusiasm he extended to us. We recognize that he is pulled in many different directions, and are extremely thankful that he chose to spend an hour with us. I believe everyone in attendance that morning walked away with a greater understanding of who Senator Ryan Aument is and what he represents, as well as some insights into the current state of the construction industry from a legislative perspective.

To borrow a few thoughts from the Senator, I would also like to encourage everyone in the construction industry, whether a “young” professional or not, to consider how you might play a part in improving our industry. Some ideas include: building relationships with your elected officials throughout the year; offering your design and/or construction experience to your community and local government; attending local town hall meetings; and using the tools available to you through ABC as a resource for promoting the trades industry.

 YP Committee Senator Aument Visit
 Sen. Ryan Aument and the ABC Keystone YP Committee