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    ONE Mission. ONE Voice. ONE TEAM! Let’s Grow in 2015!

    Everyone knows there is strength in numbers -- while Keystone is already 564 members strong, our goal is to hit at least 597 members by December 31!

    ABC Keystone’s TEAM ONE is leading the charge – Team One is  open to every ABC member who is committed to helping move the membership ball down the field and across the goal line to growth. There are no  requirements to join Team One, other than dedication to free enterprise, the merit shop and ABC, plus the commitment to help recruit new members by the end of the year. Read the rest of entry »

    A New Year, New Beginnings

    September 10th marked the start of the 2015-2016 apprenticeship school year. 240 students attended the first orientation that shared the vision of our newly expanded training facility. This group of young people will experience greater hands-on learning, new technology and a group of 21 talented instructors eager to teach and pass on their industry expertise. Read the rest of entry »

    Welcome to the New Merit Shop Spokesman Weekly!

    Valuable. Timely. Interesting.

    Isn’t that what you expect from your news sources today? We believe it is. That’s why we are  launching the new ABC Keystone Merit Shop Spokesman weekly newsletter.  It’s a quick easy read that delivers newsworthy ABC items to your computer screen every Tuesday.

    What can you expect from the weekly Spokesman? Headlines that allow you to drill down into what YOU find interesting. Read the rest of entry »

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    1) Basic usage of the SunBlog module
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