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    Big Changes Coming to Mechanic’s Lien Law

    In 2014, the Pennsylvania legislature took steps to address issues in the construction process, spurred by frustration of project owners and general contractors who were being served Mechanic’s Liens for nonpayment by subcontractors with whom they had no contract with.
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    State, Federal Authorities Launch Investigations into PA’s Most Powerful Labor Union

    Last week, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) descended on the City of Philadelphia, posting agents at multiple locations associated with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 98.
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    Want to Get Your Way This Election Season? Here’s How

    Our Nation was built on the simple idea that through free enterprise, hard work, and determination, anyone can achieve the American Dream. Sadly, only 60 years after the height of the American Dream, nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that dream is now unattainable. At ABC, we believe that fact needs to change! Read the rest of entry »

    You Ask – ABC Listens: New Regional Meetings Proving a Tremendous Success!

    ABC Keystone Members located in and doing business in the ‘outlying areas’ of our 10-county footprint are fully embracing their new opportunity to network and engage with the Chapter.
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    House Bill 1952 Making Headlines

    Recently, the Lancaster Newspaper and Lancaster Online published an article regarding the “Apprenticeship Dilemma.” The article discusses current legislation, such as House Bill 1952, that will remove  artificial regulatory barriers to workforce growth by providing equality in hiring and training for open shop contractors.
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    Ask an Attorney: The Dangers of Waivers and Releases

    Make sure you read and understand release/waiver forms you sign in exchange for payment. Some contractors mistakenly believe these forms are harmless documents.
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    State Budget Revenue Package Approved

    State Budget Revenue Package Approved After ten calendar days, the $31.5 billion budget, passed with bipartisan support in the General Assembly, lapsed into law without the signature of Governor Wolf. His objection to the fiscal year 2016-2017 budget was that it lacked a sustainable revenue source and after relying on a series of one-time fixes, ended up roughly $150 million short. Though there was no revenue package on his desk by the end of the ten day deadline, he did not veto the budget like last year, but rather let it take effect as of midnight on July 11th.  Yesterday, the General Assembly approved a revenue package by a vote of 116-75 in the House and 28-22 in the Senate. Totaling nearly $1.3 billion in new revenue, the bill covers the spending approved by the legislature earlier this month while also offering a variety of modified tax credits.  The new sources of revenue include: A $1 increase in the cigarette tax; Additional taxes on smokeless tobacco and e-cigarette ... Read the rest of entry »

    Ask an Accountant: Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction (179D) – a Reminder for Contractors/Designers

    The government continues to provide incentives for green building, but are you taking advantage of all the tax savings related to the commercial buildings you are designing and/or constructing?
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    Tick Tock - Gov. Wolf Reviews Spending Plan

    After months of bipartisan rhetoric that appeared to show a strong sense of cooperation, House and Senate leaders hit the home stretch and  delivered an on-time spending plan to the desk of Governor Wolf with  hours to spare before the July 1st Constitutional deadline. 
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    The Latest ABC Keystone Member Updates and News - July 2016

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