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    New Labor Leaders Emerge in Harrisburg

    With a stronger majority in both the House and Senate, Republicans have finally selected their committee chairs for the 2017-2018 legislative session, filling vacant positions in critical committees that deal with ABC issues.
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    Pennsylvania State Construction Notices Directory To Go Live

    As a follow-up to previous articles, we are again reminding members that the requirement for subcontractors and suppliers to file  Notices of  Furnishing in order to preserve their mechanic’s lien rights began December 29, 2016 based on information provided by the  Pennsylvania Department of General Services.
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    Fundamentals of Crew Leadership – New ABC Offering!

    Turn your talent into leaders! Fundamentals of Crew Leadership will expose your employees to the work that lies ahead of them should they desire a position of leadership in your company.  Read the rest of entry »

    America’s Labor Secretary: In His Own Words

    With the Electoral College set to meet this week, Donald Trump will  officially be elected as the 45th President of the United States. The 2016 elections and transition have finally come to a close. 
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    Strong Partnership with FCA US LLC, Big Savings for ABC Members

    Here at ABC Keystone, we’re always on the lookout for ways to help our members succeed, whether it’s with training programs, by advocating on behalf of our members or by forging alliances with organizations that can provide important goods and services at
    discounted rates.

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    ABC Celebrates Pennsylvania’s Construction Industry in Style

    This year, ABC participated in the PA Society weekend by hosting a reception with industry  partners and like-minded associations, celebrating Pennsylvania’s robust construction industry.
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    "Plumber’s Work,” Now Clear as Mud

    One would think that experienced contractors, construction managers, and project engineers could easily explain what plumbing work is. For sure, any first-year plumbing apprentice could precisely recite a definition of plumbing work, right?
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    The New Super-Event: Meet the Generals Meets the EXPO

    How do you make two great events even better? You combine them into one! That’s what ABC Keystone has done with Meet the Generals Meets the EXPO; the newly formatted, single networking showcase for the Central PA construction industry.
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    Trump Taps Restaurant Chain CEO for Labor Secretary

    As he finalizes his Cabinet nominees for 2017 and beyond, President-elect Donald Trump has selected a job-creating, wealthy business owner to oversee the U.S. Department of Labor, a morass of  regulation that Trump himself has pledged to undo as quickly as
    possible. To help him with that daunting task, Trump has nominated Andy Puzder, the chief executive officer of CKE Restaurants, a global company that franchises fast food stops like Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.
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    How to Communicate with Multiple Generations

    Welcome to life in the new workplace. From the Traditionalist to the  Millennials, today’s workforce is a mix of four generations, providing a never-before-seen generational diversity.
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