ABC Keystone (map)

Market Based Estimating, Pricing and Bidding

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26, 2017  / 8:00 AM4:00 PM

Increase your share of profitable work and decrease the chance of being the low bidder on unprofitable jobs.

Designed to benefit all construction companies regardless of specialty. This is an advanced level course that will show you the techniques needed to improve results.

From the instructor:
Estimating is a critical and primary step for all contractors. Getting work means building work. If a contractor cannot acquire work, he or she may be just a pricing service. Pricing work profitably means knowing your costs. Earning margin on jobs means a contracting business is profitable. Placing appropriate price proposals in the market gives a construction firm the best chance for continued success.

Read an article from Dr. Matt Stevens and Dr. Jennifer Day with more tips on estimating.

Preferred registration date: April 19, 2017

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Price includes: light breakfast, lunch, course materials, certificate of completion

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Non-member $415.00
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