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Competent Person for Excavation & Trenching: Digging In/Digging Out

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5 (7:30 AM - 11:30 AM)

This program focuses on the hazards involved in excavation and trenching. The program will give participants a heighted awareness regarding the hazards involved in trenching work and the knowledge needed to manage the exposures on the job.

Learn how to:
  • Perform manual and visual soil tests to determine the classification of soils.
  •  Determine if an excavation or trench has been properly sloped, benched or otherwise protected.
  • Identify common hazards that may be present during an excavation project.
  • Demonstrate to OSHA that they are competent in the realm excavation activities (OSHA requires inspections of trenches and excavations be performed by competent persons).
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Preferred registration date: March 29, 2017

Price includes
Registration Fees:
Non Member $236.00
Member (cash/invoice) $165.00
Member (credit card) $170.00