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Qualified Crane Signal Person Qualified Rigger Training

THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 2017  / 7:30 AM4:30 PM

OSHA’s construction regulation on cranes mandates that anyone signaling a crane MUST be qualified as a signal person. This qualification requires both practical and written testing. In addition, OSHA mandates that individuals rigging a crane be qualified for the rigging activity being performed. Maryland also has a more specific rule regarding the qualification of riggers.

This program is intended to meet the training requirements for Maryland Level I Rigger and OSHA’s Crane Signal Person qualification.

This topic is just too important to do it wrong!

Test your rigging knowledge. If your crew is rigging loads and can’t answer these
questions completely, they need to attend this program!

  • Why is the rating for a basket-hitch almost always over-stated?
  • What do most riggers do that reduces the capacity of a choker hitch unnecessarily?
  • What is the hand signal for boom-out on a hydraulic crane?
  • Why is the rigger most likely to be killed during a hoisting operation?
  • When can a safety latch be disabled?  (The answer isn’t ‘never’)
  • What type and grade chain must be used for hoisting operations?

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Preferred registration date: April 18, 2017

Price includes: light breakfast and lunch, hart hat sticker, certificate of completion, and other course materials.
Registration Fees:
Non Member $400.00
Member (cash/invoice) $280.00
Member (credit card) $288.00