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Competent Person for Supported Scaffold Training

MAY 17, 2017 / 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Scaffolding systems are commonly cited for being in violation of the OSHA regulations. These systems are far too often found to be improperly installed, maintained and used on construction sites. Accidents can be avoided by understanding the proper method of set up and use. Participation in this training will help the attendant to better understand the regulations and how to comply.

Gain a better understanding of the OSHA requirements for supported scaffolding in construction. Obtain the knowledge necessary to be considered competent under OSHA’s rule as it relates to scaffolding systems.

Benefits of Attending:
Attendance in this program will improve the student’s ability to recognize hazards associated with the scaffold systems and implement methods to mitigate the issues. Students will be able to construct and assess a scaffolding system to determine if it is safe and meets OSHA’s requirements.

  • Understand the OSHA rules and regulations as they relate to scaffolding systems. 
  • Learn which aspects of the rule require the assistance of a competent person.
  • Be prepared to meet the requirements of a competent person for the OSHA’s scaffolding regulation.
  • Identify common safety violations and hazards associated with the use of supported scaffolding systems.
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Preferred registration date: May 10, 2017

Price includes class materials, certificate of completion,light lunch and snack.
Registration Fees:
Member (cash/invoice) $145.00
Member (credit card) $150.00
Non Member $208.00