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Respirator Training for Administrators

TUESDAY, May 9, 2017  / 10:30 Am4:30 pm

This program is for individuals within an organization who are responsible for overseeing the respiratory protection program. OSHA mandates that companies who use respirators have a written respiratory protection program. This program MUST BE designated by a competent respiratory protection program administrator who is versed in the requirements and methods of program implementation. This session is intended to help employers meet this mandatory training requirement for individuals who are involved in administrating a respiratory protection program.

Benefits of attending:
  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of how to select the proper respiratory protective device for the hazard.
  • Learn to train users in the proper fitting, care and limitations of respirators.
  • Develop a framework for developing a respiratory protection program.
  • Review the requirements of the written program including annual program evaluations. 
  • Learn how to perform the annually required fit-testing (equipment required) and how to implement the medical clearance provision of the standards.
The program will help employers assure that workers are being protected from airborne hazards that could cause acute health effects or chronic disease. If you are working to comply with the silica regulations, please keep in mind the respiratory protection use triggers the requirements for a respirator program.

Who should attend:

Anyone who has the responsibility to oversee a respiratory protection program for their organization and  anyone interested in respiratory protection and the requirements for its use.

This program will be presented by High Environmental Health and Safety Consulting Ltd., an affiliate of High Real Estate Group. High EH&S provides Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Air Quality Consulting Services for clients in the mid-Atlantic states. This group of consultants and trainers are educated, experienced and certified professionals in safety, industrial hygiene, indoor air quality and risk management.

Preferred registration date: May 2, 2017

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Registration Fees:
Member (cash/invoice) $240.00
Member (credit card) $248.00
Non Member $345.00