Why a Code of Ethics?
"...I hope that each and every member that does not already have a Code of Ethics within their own organization adopts not only the pledge provided but also adopts the Code of Ethics available from the ABC Keystone Chapter... Glatfelter Insurance Group introduced to our associates our corporate Core Values and Code of Conduct (Ethics Policy) in 2007. Since that time... I believe most associates would be able to say that they have a much clearer understanding of what is expected of them..."
- William E. Greenawalt, Jr. CIC, CRM,
Proud Glatfelter Associate
Proven Track Record
"As long time members of ABC Keystone, the management team at James Craft & Son, Inc. firmly believes in the association's Code of Ethics. It is the way we have been doing business for over 110 years and is one of the reasons we are successful."
- Vicki Craft Kearns,
James Craft & Son, Inc.

Code of Ethics Task Force group photoCode of Ethics Task Force Members

Sitting in Photo (L-R)

Vicki Craft Kearns, 
James Craft & Son, Inc.
Roger Brubaker, Wilco Electric, Inc.
Donna Shoff, H.L. Wiker, Inc.

Standing in Photo (L-R)

Patrick Dolan, Dolan Construction, Inc.
Mike Stefanic, R.S. Mowery & Sons, Inc.
Ted Garrety, Garrety Glass, Inc.

Not Pictured

Dave Nace, 
Wickersham Construction and Engineering, Inc.

On April 12, 2012 the ABC Ethics Task Force signed the “Code of Ethics Pledge” developed by the group to encourage ABC members to reevaluate their commitment to ethical business practices within the construction industry. The Task Force, appointed by 2011 Board Chairwoman Vicki Craft Kearns, and led by Board member Roger Brubaker, worked diligently over a six month period to interpret and evaluate the existing ABC Code of Ethics.

The “Pledge” was developed during this process, along with an “expanded version” of the ABC Code of Ethics. We intend to help members become more informed and aware of this Code, and to encourage their proactive engagement so that it permeates every ABC company down to every employee and eventually will be prominent within the entire industry.

We ask that ABC Keystone member business owners and their management teams sign the “Pledge” and adopt the updated standards. Members are encouraged to regularly benchmark themselves to these values, to encourage all employees to do likewise, and to share this Code openly within all business relationships.

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An industry is the sum of the parts. If each part contributes positively,
the industry will reflect those individuals’ efforts!

Contact the Chapter office, 717.653.8106 for more information.
"As our task force researched this issue, we concluded two things. First, ABC has an excellent code of ethics already in place, but it may not be well known or communicated to all members.  Secondly, you can't really "legislate" ethics or morals, but you CAN keep those high standards in front of people and allow their own conscience to be their guide."
- Roger Brubaker,
Wilco Electric, Inc.