National Craft Championship


What makes up the character of a true champion?

Hard work. Determination. Consistency. EXCELLENCE.

The Keystone Chapter has a strong tradition of training Champions, several of which have brought home gold, silver and bronze medals earned at the annual ABC National Craft Championship. Each year, we send a team of top apprentices to this event. Throughout the final three months of 2020, training was once again in full gear. ABC Keystone’s 2021 National Craft Competition (NCC) team put in countless weekend hours preparing for the competition that was to be held concurrently with the ABC National Convention in March 2021. It was certainly a disappointment to all to hear the news in January that although the 2021 convention will go on as planned, the competition had to be canceled again this year due to COVID-19 safety concerns.

A canceled competition does not take away from the effort, skill and determination shown by this year’s team. We wish to congratulate and honor these five top apprentices for their unwavering commitment to excellence and their focus throughout their competition training. Sky, Philip, Dakota, Matthew and Jeremy deserve our gratitude and applause for a job well done. They were each looking forward to the opportunity to meet their counterparts from across the nation – top apprentices from ABC’s 69 chapters nationwide – and were eager to display their knowledge, skills and talent. Intent to succeed, they willingly gave up precious free time to hone their skills – each Saturday, following a full week on the job with their employers and attending classes at ABC – in an effort to represent the Chapter and showcase the excellence in education provided by ABC Keystone’s PA-registered apprenticeship program.

While they will not get the opportunity to compete in March, these individuals are true champions deserving of recognition and respect. We thank each of them for their dedication to excellence and their understanding as we all grapple with the ever-changing scheduling effects of COVID-19.

Congratulations on a job well done, Champions – ABC Keystone is proud of you and your accomplishments!

Posted February 24, 2021