Roger S. Brubaker 2020 Chair of the Board, ABC Keystone Director of Construction Services Meadow Valley Electric, Inc.

As many of us sorted our way through April, it seemed to me the only thing constant was change! The challenges of an unprecedented global pandemic continue as we figure out where we have been and where we are going next. None of us really know what impact an almost-complete, three-month national and statewide economic shutdown will have on our personal lives as well as on the construction industry and our “normal” way of doing business.

The staff and leadership team at ABC Keystone have been working (literally) day and night keeping up with legislative and industry-related information and relaying that to members. More than a week before the first day of the Governor’s shutdown, the Keystone Chapter leadership team had decided providing relevant information to our members was to be mission one! Many of you have responded positively to these efforts, which was much appreciated.

Anticipating the COVID-19 virus would continue to plague our region for many weeks to follow, the leadership team laid out a Phase II plan of action and discussed what Phase III might look like. Phase II included the approval of the use of unrestricted reserves to fund FREE and low-cost virtual training and education programs for our members who had employees unable to work on closed construction projects. This roll out began the second week of April and will continue through the end of May. I hope this member value add was utilized by as many members as possible to maximize time spent away from job sites shut down by the Governor’s mandate.

Phase III discussions have centered around what to expect as we come out the other side of this quarantine now that projects have opened up again. How will members handle legal, manpower, and supply chain challenges, to name a few? What role can ABC Keystone play in facilitating pathways of information and resources while helping members navigate these new challenges?

One thing I can guarantee will not change is the commitment of this association to its members. The Keystone Chapter will be there to provide training, education, safety services and political advocacy as we protect and defend free enterprise through the best and worst of times. As NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz proclaimed in the movie Apollo 13, “Failure is not an option,” and when facing the uncertainty of capsule re-entry success, Kranz went on to say emphatically “I believe this will be our finest hour!

Well, I, too, believe “this will be our finest hour” as we work together toward solving the upcoming challenges of getting our companies, employees and our industry back to work while helping to drive the economy with the next greatest construction boom ever!

I look forward to talking with and working with many of you as we face these challenges together.

Stay healthy and safe,

Roger S. Brubaker
2020 Chair of the Board, ABC Keystone
Director of Construction Services
Meadow Valley Electric, Inc.
(717) 397-9600

Posted May 4, 2020