By: G. David Sload, ABC President-CEO

Some Members Receive a Positive Net on their ABC Membership with Affinity Programs

When we survey members to see why they join ABC,we typically get one of three answers: Advocacy,Member to Member Networking (i.e., business development)or Education and Training. How do we place a value on these things, and are there other things that bring value to you, the member, as a result of your membership in ABC?

All three answers highlight the best of ABC and affect your bottom line. When we look at advocacy, it is difficult to put a tangible value on it. We need it to help protect our businesses from unnecessary government regulations and interference.While it may not add to your bottom line directly, advocacy protects members from losing more from your bottom line.Business to business networking may be able to be measured based on the potential of additional contracts and work.Education and training provides a safer and more efficient workforce, thereby adding to the bottom line.

While there’s value to all three of the areas mentioned above,sometimes it is hard to quantify this value in dollars and cents. So, let’s talk about a potential Positive Net on your ABC Membership! That’s right: Some members pay for their entire annual ABC membership investment through savings on our Affinity Programs – discounts on vehicles, cell phones, shipping,uniform services, and more.

Just over one-quarter of ABC Keystone members are taking advantage of our discount opportunities – however, those that do are SAVING BIG: as an example, one member has saved$144,000 on vehicles through ABC’s Affinity program within the past twelve months!

Here are some specific example of savings with your ABC Affinity programs:

  • Save $500 to $1,000 on General Motors vehicles, with$1,000’s more in fleet and accessory savings
  • Save $3,000 to $7,000 on Nissan trucks cars and vans
  • Shipping: Keystone members saved over $37,000 on FedEx shipping in 2018 through the ABC Program!
  • Does your company use cell phones? As an ABC Contractor member, you can save up to 22% monthly onVerizon calling plans!
  • In need of uniforms? Save 20% off work wear and accessories through Aramark. Deep discounts at Enterprise, AutoZone and Lowe’s are just a few more of the many affinity programs available
  • The ‘ABC Marketplace’ shopping portal provides discounts on computers, electronics, restaurants and 20 other categories

Discounts can also extend to your employees. Consider this a part of your firm’s benefits package, as a large number of the above-mentioned programs – including vehicle and cell service discounts – extend directly to your employees.

How do you get started? To review all the available programs and their details go to For your employees, ask them to check out, and for the ABC Marketplace go to Or, call us for more information.

Become one of the members that receives a Positive Net with your ABC Membership! Check it out and add value to your company and your employees.

Increase your bottom line!

July 8, 2019