LeaderTrak ABC Keystone

By: Barbara Holtzapple, ABC Keystone Director of Education

In 2019, the ABC Keystone Young Professionals (YPs) Committee implemented a new program, titled LeaderTrak, to recognize their peers who exemplify the group’s mission: “We will develop the next generation of future leaders through: (1) educating YPs on the overall operations and offerings of ABC, (2) integrating YPs into other areas of ABC that align with their skills/interests, and (3) positioning committed YPs in places of increased responsibility and growing influence within ABC.”

To graduate from LeaderTrak, participants must be nominated by a mentor, attend regular committee meetings, and earn points through leadership positions in the YP group. Points are awarded through volunteering with ABC initiatives, participating in educational opportunities, hosting or coordinating YP-specific networking events, writing articles to help educate others, providing mentorship to their peers and introducing young people to the construction industry. Group members are encouraged to share areas of expertise with their fellow YPs through presenting on soft skills, leadership-building exercises or providing “day in the life of” talks to help broaden understanding of industry roles for everyone. Inviting industry leaders to visit meetings and share their perspectives and advice for those wishing to rise to leadership in construction is also a vital way to earn points and enhance the group experience.

An inaugural pair of YPs achieved LeaderTrak status in 2019, followed by a larger class in 2020:

2019 LeaderTrak Class:
Benjamin Paulding, McKonly & Asbury
Elmer Zook, Quality Buildings, LLC

2020 LeaderTrak Class:
Eric Garner, Tradesmen International
Lucas Henry, Aerotek, Inc.
Brad Lefever, Wohlsen Construction Company
Brittanie Lewis, Wohlsen Construction Company
Tim Myers, Wohlsen Construction Company
Samantha Nocheck, Clark Associates, Inc.
Cassie Skonieczny, Clark Associates, Inc.

The Young Professionals Committee is a great place to start a volunteer journey in ABC Keystone. It is recommended for those in the first few years in the construction industry or those new to ABC. The group meets the first Thursday of the month at 7:30 am, with “Meetings + Mixers” held at member offices quarterly from 3-5 pm. Contact Barbara Holtzapple at the chapter office for more information on the YPs and the LeaderTrak program.

Posted April 16, 2021