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Often it is said, “the top is a lonely place to be.” For legislators representing the south central part of the Commonwealth, that could not be further from the truth. Our region is extremely fortunate to have experienced and respected lawmakers serving in leadership capacities and chairing committees that have jurisdiction over our issues.

In July and August, ABC Keystone’s political action committee hosted a series of virtual meetings with area leaders as an opportunity to interact with elected officials and ask questions. ABC members spoke with members of leadership, newly elected officials, and those who are members of important committees. If you missed any of these virtual calls, fear not, as we will hosting calls in the future as an opportunity for legislators to hear directly from you.

On the calls, elected officials shared candid insights on the current COVID-19 crisis, how the General Assembly is communicating with Governor Wolf, and how ABC members can make an impact. Since the outset, our elected representatives have done an outstanding job voicing concerns on behalf of business owners of the Commonwealth. It is clear there are many in the legislature – on both sides of the aisle – that are frustrated at the lack of collaboration between the branches. Many of our members believe that the rules are not necessarily the issue, but the constant changing of the rules that is becoming maddening to business owners trying to adjust and cope. The legislature and leaders continue to look to associations, like ABC, for testimonials and stories. If you have a story and are willing to share your concerns with elected officials, please reach out to the government affairs team so we can pass your comments along.

Looking in the short-term, there are only twelve scheduled session days in the fall, leaving very little window of opportunity for the legislature to act on various issues. ABC will continue the push to move apprenticeship legislation that will create jobs and an even playing field in the construction industry. As session starts back up in mid-September, ABC will continue to work with leadership and the committee chairman to see its passage out of the House.

As ABC Pennsylvania prepares long-range plans, we are framing those plans in the context of the new legislative session, which “gavels in” the first Tuesday of January. All legislation not signed into law must be re-introduced. In addition, the Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate will elect their respective leadership slates.

Our regional leaders are committed to respond on behalf of the construction industry. Looking at the political landscape, there is a growing concern that special interests, with the Administration’s support, will seize on the pandemic to push a progressive agenda. That is why our elected delegations have stressed the importance of elections, getting out to the polls, and supporting pro-business candidates.

If you want more information on the upcoming election or how you can get involved, please reach out to our team:

David Greineder, Director of Government Affairs

Austin Cawley, Government Affairs Coordinator

(717) 653-8106

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Posted September 9, 2020