By: Kristi Pronovost, Director of Marketing & Communications

The apprenticeship program at ABC Keystone has seen rapid changes over the past month in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we all adjust to the challenges brought about by this health crisis, our main goals continue to be supporting our apprentices and providing them the education they need to successfully complete their 2019/2020 school year. Beginning in early April, all apprenticeship classes were adapted to a virtual learning platform, and we are pleased to share that both students and instructors are navigating this new learning environment very well.

Jeff Morris, HVAC level 1 instructor working on Module Nine – Basic Carbon Steel Piping Practices – teaching students how to identify various carbon steel piping materials and fittings.

The virtual trade classes are focused on the theory portion of modules that were yet to be covered when in-person classes were ceased in March in accordance with the stay at home order issued by Governor Wolf. Our full-time instructors have the unique advantage of being able to maintain continuity in education for these apprentices. Our instructors will also be prepared to follow up with the hands-on performance learning and required testing when on-site classes resume this fall. This will ensure the students receive all necessary components of their training and provide them with the well-rounded instruction they need to be successful craftspeople and employees.

These are challenging times, and the Apprenticeship staff here at ABC Keystone are working hard to support the students and companies during this transition to virtual learning. We greatly appreciate the patience and willingness shown by both the apprentices and their sponsoring companies. We are learning as we go and are fine-tuning and tailoring the virtual classes daily to further enhance the program. We always welcome your comments and questions, and we invite you to reach out to us with your feedback. Please contact Cindy DeWire, Director of Apprenticeship ( for more information.

Chad Foor Work from Home
Home office of ABC Keystone Electrical Instructor Chad Foor set for teaching Apprenticeship students online

We are #ABCMeritShopProud of all of our apprentices for making the successful transition to virtual learning, and we look forward to welcoming them back when classes resume on-site!

Posted May 1, 2020