By: Kenneth D. Schwebel, 2018 Chair of the Board; President, The Witmer Group

It is hard to believe that another year has already passed. One of my favorite quotes is from A.J. Compton: “Although we try to control it in a million different ways, the only things you can ever really do to time are enjoy it or waste it.” I am proud to say that the members and staff of Keystone ABC have had a lot of fun while successfully accomplishing many initiatives this past year.

I want to highlight some of our many successful accomplishments in 2018. To start, we secured permanent financing for our building, increased STEP participation for the third year in a row and had record numbers participate in training and events. We also had two of our members appointed to ABC National and State of Pennsylvania positions. Donna Shoff was appointed to the ABC National CLRF Committee, and Roger Brubaker was appointed to the State of PA Apprenticeship Council. Following with apprenticeship, we had 363 apprentices registered for classes, which is the highest enrollment since our high water mark of 371 in 1999! Lastly, we have partnered with the first-ever Student Chapter from Millersville University from the Dept. of Applied Engineering, Safety and Technology.

To say that this was only a few of our accomplishments, just shows, the team work, commitment and focus of the strategic plan we set out for 2018. I want to thank all members, staff and volunteers who have contributed their time and efforts to help further the mission of ABC Keystone.

While my term is coming to an end, I can say with great joy that I am happy to leave on such a high note. Thank you to everyone for all the support and encouragement throughout this year. It was an honor and a privilege to serve as your 2018 Chairman of the Board.

The Keystone Chapter wishes to thank Ken Schwebel for his dedicated leadership as 2018 Chair of the Board. Thank you for your service to the members of ABC Keystone! Welcome to Douglas M. Dvorchak, Murray Securus, 2019 Chair of the Board! 

January 3, 2019