By Justin Leisure, Traveler’s Bond & Jason Slobozien, Providence Engineering Corp.

Construction Wars is an event that ABC Keystone hosts twice a year. Volunteers lead Middle School students through stations to experience construction in a hands-on environment from those passionate about the industry. If you’re like us, spending the day at this event will grow your love for the building trades as you help to introduce young people to it and see it fresh through their eyes.

Interacting with the students is so fulfilling. You see their eyes light up with wonder at creating projects out of scratch. Picking up a drill for the first time – some not even knowing how to hold it – and within 30 minutes beaming with pride over having made a tool box by themselves. It ignited our passions for the industry and its future workforce by assisting them match their talents with the potentials found there. They helped teach us how much we love construction as they discovered for themselves.

Last year, an emotional-support student was in our group with his teacher. She said afterward that she had never seen him act better behaved or more engaged in school than she did on that day. He found new perspectives on learning and a career path that hadn’t been there before; this duck had found his water and we had helped him do it.

If you are still hesitant about volunteering for Construction Wars, don’t be! You don’t have to be an expert. Volunteers are needed on Tuesday, October 16, Wednesday October 17 and Thursday October 18 from 8:30am – 1pm (lunch provided). Contact Stephanie Larkin at the Chapter Office to guide a small group, help at a hands-on station or lead a tour through tools and the trades. The experience will change your life as you open theirs up to the possibilities of a career in construction. Give us one morning to change the path of a student forever.

Contact Stephanie Larkin to volunteer.

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Celebrate Careers in Construction Month at ABC Keystone!

October 3, 2018