By: Kristi Pronovost, Director of Marketing & Communications, ABC Keystone

The Keystone Chapter is always striving to share with students the education and career opportunities available in the construction industry. Recently, Tom Fasnacht, ABC Keystone Instructor/Shop Manager, shared these opportunities by hosting a job shadowing experience for an Elizabethtown high school student who has expressed interest in carpentry and general construction. Matthew, an avid Transformers fan who will be starting 11th grade in the fall, loves to build things and takes great joy in seeing things through to the end.

During the job shadowing visit, Tom and Matthew worked on constructing a wooden bench similar to those made by students who attend the Chapter’s Construction Wars program, a middle school career exploration event. During Construction Wars, students assemble the bench from already prepped pieces, however Matthew had an opportunity to see how the pieces were crafted from start to finish as he worked alongside Tom throughout the morning to craft each of the pieces. Tom showed Matthew how to use a drill press to drill  4” holes for the legs of the bench; a miter saw to cut pieces in half and for tapering the legs; a router table to round the edges over; a hand drill and jig saw to cut out a handle; a nail/staple pneumatic gun for the braces; and an impact gun (similar to a drill) to finally assemble the bench. Tom explained each tool as they worked and answered questions from Matthew to further his understanding of the concepts being utilized. During the hands-on construction of the bench, Tom also shared with Matthew many aspects of his role at the Chapter and his experiences in the industry.

Matthew enjoyed his afternoon discovering the many aspects of Tom’s role and learning about the different tools in the skills lab. He was excited to take home with him the bench that he helped craft and was proud of his accomplishment. “It was wonderful hosting Matthew for his job shadow experience,” said ABC Keystone’s Vice President of Education, Safety & Workforce Development. “I’m so pleased that ABC Keystone has the facilities that allow for such opportunities, because they are an important means of showing our next generation the excitement and careers afforded by the construction industry.”

The Chapter wishes Matthew a very happy and successful future!


If you are interested in job shadowing opportunities at ABC Keystone and information about careers in construction for yourself or students, please contact Stephanie Larkin, VP Education, Safety & Workforce Development at or (717) 653-8106.