Advocacy & Political Action

Get Involved in Politics & Keep Your Business Growing!

Advancing and defending the principles of the merit shop in the construction industry.
Providing members with the opportunity to succeed.

Associated Builders and Contractors works nationally and locally to advocate for the merit shop industry. ABC Keystone supports the “merit shop message” which is a philosophy that encourages open competition and free enterprise in the construction industry. Our chapter is involved locally, at the state level, and nationally, to protect and advance our members’ priorities.

ABC Keystone encourages its members to get involved with legislative, political and regulatory proposals that impact the merit shop construction industry. We provide resources for members to better understand, support, and voice opinions on legislation.

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National & State Politics

ABC National is one of the most influential business advocacy groups in the capitol.
It’s core purpose is to defend free enterprise in the construction industry.

Fighting for Free Enterprise

Protecting Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Limited Government

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The Free Enterprise Alliance is the action arm for small businesses, entrepreneurs and other advocates of limited government. Contributions to FEA are used to support campaigns or legislation that benefit the merit shop industry.

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Free Enterprise

Political Action Committee

Working within the federal election process to further the goals of ABC members

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ABC's PAC is your voice in elective politics. It's purpose is to work within the federal election process to further the goals of the association members through direct involvement in supporting and opposing candidates. This provides a unified and powerful voice for the merit shop agenda.

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Political Action Committee

Working within the state election process to further the goals of ABC members

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Developed to provide resources for candidates for elected office that support free enterprise and the merit shop philosophy, the ABC PA Political Action Committee (PAC) has given millions of dollars and helped elect hundreds of candidates in support of free enterprise throughout Pennsylvania.

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American Dream Fund

59% of Americans believe the American Dream
is unattainable...
Let’s change that!

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We believe the American Dream is alive and well – if the politicians would just get out of the way! By holding elected officials accountable and bulldozing barriers to success, the Advancing the American Dream Fund gets government out of the way, providing a level playing field for hard-working Americans to succeed once again.

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ABC Keystone is active locally and in the statehouse advocating for legislation that promotes and advances free enterprise and open competition.

Grassroots: Support the Merit Shop

Getting Into Politics Will Keep You in Business!

The cornerstone of every successful political campaign has been hard-working people who roll up their sleeves and get in the trenches, demonstrating their commitment to a cause they believe in. And ABC members are committed to free enterprise and defending the merit shop. While you’re busy building America and signing paychecks, we’re working to shape policy that encourages business growth and job creation. From time to time, we need help. So, we have a number of ways to get involved, from the grassroots level on up. Because, as the saying goes, “get into politics or get out of business!”

Please contact David G. Greineder, IOM, Director of Government Affairs at ABC Keystone, to start getting involved.

If You’d Like to Join the Fight, Here are Just a Few Ways to Get Plugged In:

  • Free Enterprise Day – Every year, ABC members from across the state converge in Harrisburg to interact with lawmakers and discuss critical policy changes that preserve the merit shop and help defend free enterprise.
  • LegCon – Each summer, ABC members from across the nation visit Washington, D.C. to meet with federally-elected officials in Congress and the administration to discuss national construction issues and provide input on upcoming policy changes.
  • Job Creators Network (JCN) – Founded by Bernie Marcus, Job Creators Network operates an Employer to Employee (E2E) program, advocating for lower taxes and decreased regulation in the workplace. ABC maintains a partnership with JCN to provide members with essential tools to help educate employees on pro-business policies. Learn more.
  • Political Campaigns – ABC routinely evaluates and endorses candidates for elected office that support free enterprise. Not only do ABC members have an opportunity to discuss critical issues with candidates, but they also frequently play pivotal roles in campaign leadership and organization.
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