The Apprenticeship Committee, staff and instructors are continually looking for areas to improve and enhance our training offered by the apprenticeship program here at ABC Keystone. We now have an exciting new addition to the program – a training module ready for instructors and students to use for practical hands-on education to complete their curriculum performance tasks.

The module is fully functional for all trades to utilize specific to their learning objectives. The wall space on both the inside and outside of the first and second floors will be utilized for all instructors and students for different practical experiences. The first floor features wood framing while the second level utilizes metal studs, so students have a variety of applications to use for practice and training. Task blueprints are being developed to enhance the blueprint reading skills training for apprentices. They will later use the module to complete a project as outlined in their drawings.

This training module will be used for the remainder of this apprenticeship school year and tentative plans are in place to build a second module in 2020 for additional training space and educational opportunities for the apprentices.

ABC Keystone takes a high-standards approach to apprentice education, and we thank our instructors for their continued dedication to the program as they utilize these new resources.

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Special thank you to Tom Fasnacht, ABC Keystone Instructor/Shop Manager and to our volunteer members for helping to prep the module for our apprentices!

February 7, 2019