ABC Keystone Training Facility

By: Donna J. Shoff, H. L. Wiker, Inc.

2017 Chair of the Board, ABC Keystone

2017 represents the 3rd year of our three-year strategic plan. A tremendous amount of time and effort goes into the development of a strategic plan which may make some wonder why we go through the process as often as every three years. We do so because a strategic plan is intended to set an organization’s direction and set priorities for common goals and intended outcomes based on a changing environment. The key here is a changing environment. We must be prepared to adjust to changes along the way, and in the case of ABC Keystone, we must to be prepared to meet the changing needs of our members so they receive value from their investment in ABC.

Our All-Committee Kickoff took place on January 11. With the energy in the room that morning, I am confident the committees are prepared to see the final year of our current strategic plan through to success. Then, it will be time to start developing another strategic plan based upon a changing environment and the needs of the organization and members.

With the outcome of the presidential election, the New Year brings some great opportunities for ABC, the construction industry, and business in general. Perhaps we’ll finally get a break from the massive regulations inflicted on us by the current administration, and free enterprise will flourish again. How exciting is that?

But, we need to remain diligent with our efforts and look to future elections. We must elect people into public offices who will focus on service to their constituents and not focus on their next election. The Pennsylvania Governor’s race will be our next opportunity to make a difference in our businesses and in the lives of our employees. We must find a way to elect a governor who understands and supports business and free enterprise. It is within our reach, but it will take hard work.  Yet, we are ABC Keystone, and we are accustomed to hard work.  Success should not be difficult to achieve.

This is a Happy New Year, indeed. Let’s work together and make the best of our opportunities!