By: Randy Funk, Commercial Products Specialist, Parksite/Tyvek

Homebrewers can be found in all walks of life, and while some brewers barely do more than dissolve extract syrup in water and pitch yeast, others have invested much more time to their art. Some homebrewers make hundreds of gallons of beer a year and enter competitions; others brew once or twice, making their “famous pumpkin brew” for Thanksgiving that all the relatives rave over.

You don’t become a homebrewer to make beer more cheaply. Once you start considering the expense of the equipment and your time, it becomes pretty clear that the economics are at best, a wash. You also don’t become a homebrewer because you can make better beer than the pros. While I know many who think their homebrew beer is the best in the world, they’re grading on a curve.

There are certainly many benefits to homebrewing. You learn a great deal about the process of brewing and the nearly inconceivable chemical variables that affect a batch of beer. Some of the knowledge can be garnered by reading about brewing or talking to brewers, but some of it is just experiential.

Learning and building the knowledge and perfecting the art of homebrewing is a never-ending process. This is why local Homebrew clubs can provide an avenue for learning and experimentation with other like-minded craftsmen. It doesn’t matter if someone else has already made the perfect IPA. The goal is not the IPA; it’s the process of brewing the IPA. Thus, the reason we homebrew.

Since homebrewing is becoming a popular hobby, the ABC Keystone Events Committee came up with the idea to add a homebrewing competition to the Chili Cornhole Tournament in the fall. It will be run exactly like the chili competition at the event. Attendees will sample the homebrews and vote on their favorite, with the winning brew receiving a prize.Companies can enter into both the chili and homebrew competitions.

If you plan on entering a homebrew, start brewing now! Even if you’ve never brewed before, the web is full of resources to help the novice begin.

We’re looking forward to adding this competition to this great event!

Register for the ABC Keystone Tailgate Party Featuring Chili, Cornhole and Homebrew Competitions Presented by Barley Snyder
Tuesday, October 8, 2019 / 4 pm – 7 pm – note date change
Manheim, PA

July 29, 2019