Meet Ken!
Ken has been with Trident Development Corporation for one year. He joined the company with an interest in workforce development, training, staffing and helping people reach their goals of doing well for themselves.

Ken Safarowic
Vice President,
Eastern Region

About Trident Development Corporation:

Trident Development Corporation, a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), is a full-service human capital development firm that serves as your partner in the development and care of a qualified and stable workforce. We supplement the efforts of your HR team with a unique set of services to bolster your training and staffing needs while identifying talented individuals who possess the skills and experience to thrive in the culture that is unique to your organization. In many cases we can provide a direct financial return by identifying and qualifying candidates for federal and state programs that offer a variety of credits for new hires. Through our work with several veterans’ organizations, we are especially skilled at identifying and sourcing qualified veterans and their family members for your immediate human capital needs.

Our complementing training offering, delivered via the Trident Workforce Development Platform (TWDP), provides rich content to help maximize productivity, engagement, and safety. TWDP is a full featured learning management system that allows you to assign courses to students or give access to the entire library, track progress, and provide certificates of completion. TWDP management tools enable quick decision-making with both the “big picture” and granular information about each user.

Did You Know?
Trident commenced operations in January 2020. While many businesses struggled through the pandemic, Trident became a trusted partner with many of its clients, responding to their unique challenges through innovative and rapid response solutions for a myriad of talent management, training, and other unforeseen operational obstacles that many companies had never encountered. Trident thrived during the pandemic and continues to do so today! Trident’s CEO, Steve Sullivan, credits his and other Trident leaders past military training as the foundation for their agile approach to complex human capital projects.


Posted November 1, 2022