Meet Dave!

How did you get involved in the industry?
I’ve been in tech and software all of my career. Working closely in the construction industry is new since I joined Industrial Resolution, but I’m learning quickly through the experiences of team members and customers in construction.

Dave Peck
VP of Business Development
Industrial Resolution
24 E King Street, Suite 42
Lancaster, PA 17602
(617) 894-3814

Industrial Resolution is a custom software development company headquartered in Lancaster. Over the 12 years we have been in business, our focus has been building software solutions to help address our customers’ biggest business and operational challenges. The bigger the better!

The solutions we build are wide-ranging (time and resource tracking apps, order and inventory apps, business intelligence dashboards, employee intranets, to name a few), but they always revolve around delivering game-changing increases in efficiency through automation and digitization.

As someone doing business in the construction industry, how does your membership in ABC Keystone help you succeed?
Industrial Resolution has partnered with several construction companies on projects, but the benefits of the services we offer and custom software are still not widely-known. We recently joined ABC Keystone, and our membership is helping make connections in the construction industry and spread the word!

What are some little-known facts about your business?

1 – We built the entire digital presence for the U.S. Women’s Open when it was hosted in Lancaster and helped it set a record for tickets sold to a women’s USGA event.

2 – Our team met Steve Wozniak (developer of the Apple computer with Steve Jobs). It was a big deal for our tech team!


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Posted March 25, 2021