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As a multi-disciplinary consulting firm, Triad Engineering, Inc. (Triad) provides geotechnical and civil engineering, landscape architecture, environmental services, land surveying, construction materials testing and monitoring, drilling, and construction materials laboratory services, to a wide range of clients. Established in 1975, we pride ourselves in being an employee-owned firm with nearly 200 employees throughout West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Our professional staff can take a development project from property acquisition through construction. This ability offers our expertise to clients during all phases of a project which ultimately leads to greater project success. At Triad, we are small enough to be responsive to individual client needs, yet large enough to remain at the forefront of our industry. We’ve heard from clients that our people make the difference.

To create a client and employee-focused company, Triad provides clear vision, communication and leadership focusing on strategic growth while also providing a positive work environment that encourages and fosters professional growth. Triad strives to create an efficient and effective corporate structure that encourages investment in resources, training, technology, and support to our personnel to enable the delivery of state-of-the art solutions and exceptional customer services.

Did You Know?
Triad’s first major client was Consolidation Coal Company (Consol) in 1976 for a project at the Bailey Coal Mine.

Nicholas Wolfe, Regional Manager
Triad Engineering, Inc
4999 Louise Dr Suite 103
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 | 301-797-6400

Nicholas has been with Triad for 16 years. He graduated from college with a geology degree and
was first hired by an environmental consulting firm which led to multidisciplinary engineering

L-R: Ronnie Bidle – Survey, Steve Gyurisin – GeoTech, Bradley Reynolds – CEO,
Brooke Wenger – Business Development, Nick Wolfe – Regional Manager,
Cyndi Powell – Business Development, Shawn Gilbert – Construction
Materials Testing


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Posted September 15, 2021