A Message from the ABC Keystone Chair of the Board


We are now in the month of June. It is our mid-way point for 2021, and I want to begin by recognizing and congratulating our dedicated Apprenticeship leaders and training staff for a championship year! Cindy DeWire (Director of Apprenticeship), her assistant Erin Hiles, and our instructors have done a great job making this an incredibly successful year – we thank you all for your hard work and dedication! Your outstanding efforts have allowed ABC Keystone to graduate the largest class in over 15 years! 108 apprentices from seven trades walked the stage on May 20, at the Clipper Magazine Stadium (home of the Lancaster Barnstormers)!

Graduates, you probably know that good trades people are in high demand, as our area and industry are rapidly growing, and our seasoned tradesman are retiring. We need skilled, safe workers from our outstanding apprenticeship program to meet the rising demand, and you fill the bill! As you continue to grow in your trade and develop leadership skills, I look forward to seeing you as department heads, vice presidents and even presidents. You have the education, now apply hard work and integrity, and the sky will be your limit. To all 108 graduates, the entire ABC Board and I wish you well!

Thursday, May 20, was also a celebration of longevity and dedication as ABC honored its 2021 Craft Professional of the Year. This year’s award goes to George Caldwell, Wohlsen Construction Company. Please join me in honoring his 41+ years in his chosen field of carpentry! What a fine example of leadership and integrity for our next generation of craft professionals! Congratulations, George!

Now, let’s change topics. I know ABC works for all of us, and on my wish list is a Government that could work for all of us as well! I know the U.S. representative government system was set up by the constitution to have our elected officials be representatives of the people. So, how did we get so many representatives that support the will of the few, rather than the will of the majority, if they were elected by the majority of the people? This year, more than most in recent memory, has been challenging on this front.

And speaking of elections, a big “Thank You” to all who voted in our Primary election on Tuesday, May 18! All elections are important, as many of the behind-the-scenes policies are formulated and decided by these officials. Did you know that in a typical primary, less than 20% of the people will vote? That means 80% of our citizens choose to have no say in electing the policymakers that will make rules for all of us to follow in the years to come. If we choose to not exercise our privilege to vote, we allow a very small percentage of Pennsylvanians to make a choice for us! Going forward, let’s all commit to being part of the solution instead of the problem – be educated and vote in every election.

As we move into the last half of 2021, let’s all pick up the mantles of training the next generation, becoming more involved in our community, and continuing to search for and elect politicians of integrity.

Have a wonderful and safe month of June!

Cleo Weaver
2021 Chair of the Board
ABC Keystone
Triangle Refrigeration Co.
(717) 656-2711

Posted June 8, 2021