Developing Positive Assertiveness - ABC Keystone

By: Jeff Witmer, Pathway Business Advisors

As an Executive and Leadership Development Coach, I would estimate that 50 percent of the discussions I have with business owners and executives revolves around team and leadership issues. These discussions typically involve how to attract and retain top talent, leadership development, succession planning, and how to manage delicate situations. Leaders often spend more time handling issues surrounding team members than the time spent on developing the business.

Great leaders are developed through devoting time, energy, and a commitment to their success. So, why do we sometimes hesitate to invest in the development of leadership skills? Simply put, we don’t always see an immediate return on our investment. It takes time; time that has to be invested today. With many companies feeling the tyranny of the urgent, leadership development is often postponed or overlooked. Leadership development is best done like a good building project; it takes proper preparation, planning, resources, step-by-step directions, and plenty of practice to see a benefit from the effort. Becoming a great leader is a journey, not a destination.

To assist companies in developing their leaders, ABC Keystone and AIA are partnering to offer a professional development series on leadership. It is a 10 month course covering topics such as:
• Effective Communication
• Coaching at Work
• Presentation Skills
• Building Highly Effective Teams
• Self-Management

Great managers and leaders recognize that it is their job to prepare the future managers and leaders of their companies. They take the time to train and invest in their team members that show promise. They realize that leadership is more than just “natural born” and requires both hard and soft skills that can be learned.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today for the Leadership Development Series held in partnership with ABC Keystone and AIA. This series has a limited class size, so sign up early to reserve your spot (First session starts in September).


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