Recognizing your potential - ABC Keystone

By: Ben Weaber, Victaulic Company of America


Despite being a relatively simple word, the word ‘Potential’ has many meanings. By definition, potential can refer to having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. It can also be described as latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness. Something I found interesting when working on this article were all the similar words associated with potential: Possibilities. Prospects. Promise. Capability. Talent. Power.

All these words, when I think of them, immediately are a positive in my mind. They are almost like a sign of hope. I wondered if everyone had the same association with those words or when thinking of potential. Then I thought again… do we all recognize our own potential?

I truly believe that we all have the potential to do exactly what we want to do in this life. Sure, there will be speed bumps and obstacles along the way. If anything has taught us that life isn’t all smooth sailing, I think this pandemic and past year is evidence of that. Potential isn’t something that can be earned or given to someone. I’m sure many would say that being privileged or born into a certain class, gender, or even race gives someone more potential than another. While this may be an unfortunate truth to a degree, I’m sure we can all, immediately, think of people who have overcome tremendous adversities on their way to success.

Our ability to recognize our potential may be our biggest attributor to our success. I believe that a fatal flaw of most people is the tendency to recognize our biggest faults or insecurities. These things hold us back and stifle our growth as people – both personally and professionally. A tip: find and surround yourself with those who recognize your potential. There is strength in numbers, and you should have numbers in those who believe in you as much as you SHOULD believe in yourself. They can help you recognize your own potential.

So, is recognizing your potential enough?

Potential without a catalyst effectively accomplishes nothing at all. Determination is the catalyst. Despite many failures that we all undoubtedly encounter in many aspects of our lives, it is the determination that we have within us that allows us to grow. For those of you, like me, who are in sales roles, it can be overcoming hearing “no” all day long and not letting it affect you negatively. Negatives that are thrown our way should be looked at as an opportunity to grow and reach another level within ourselves.

Ultimately, with enough determination, you can unlock more and more of your potential

Posted July 16, 2021