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By: Brent Sailhamer, Director of Government Affairs

With only four weeks to go until the Republican primary election, voters got a better idea of where each gubernatorial candidate stands on labor and economy issues this week, and as things begin to heat up, the contrast is becoming clearer.

Associated Builders & Contractors of Pennsylvania, which is comprised of all five ABC chapters with a presence in Pennsylvania, held their annual Free Enterprise Day this week to encourage advocacy on ABC issues and promote participation in government processes in Harrisburg. As part of the daylong event, all three Republican candidates for Governor – Laura Ellsworth, Paul Mango, and Sen. Scott Wagner – participated in a 90-minute forum that focused on economy, labor policy, and workforce development. The forum was moderated by WHP 580 AM’s R.J. Harris and was attended by several news outlets.

In an early but telling moment in the forum, candidates were asked about the current business climate of Pennsylvania, and, if elected Governor, if they would support legislation to establish Pennsylvania as the nation’s 29th right-to-work state, prohibiting compulsory unionism as a condition of employment. While Laura Ellsworth and Scott Wagner both strongly support right-to-work and encouraged its adoption as a core principle to Pennsylvania’s improving business climate, Mango declined to support what he called a “blanket policy” that would affect all unions.

If you’re interested in seeing more or would like to view the debate in its entirety, Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) has made the video available here:

April 19, 2018