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By: David G. Greineder, IOM, Former ABC Pennsylvania Director of Government Affairs

Fond Memories of a Great Association

Many of you heard the news that I departed ABC Pennsylvania in November. The decision was not an easy one. I have a long history with ABC. My career began in Washington, D.C., where I served on legislative staff for the late Congressmen George W. Gekas (R-PA-17) and former Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA-18). During my time in our nation’s capital, which lasted nearly a decade, I monitored and staffed issues important to ABC. It was there that I learned about the association’s mission and drive for free enterprise. When I moved back to Pennsylvania, I served as advocacy director for a local chamber, where I continued the partnership with ABC – and eventually met and married my wife, Julina (Peterson), who was the Communication Director for ABC Keystone. Julina started her career with ABC as an intern in 2004 and served on the Keystone team until 2017. I have fond memories of attending so many inaugurals with Julina as her date and later as her husband!

In 2019, I was given the honor to serve as the government affairs director. It was a surreal moment, to officially join an association I had such a rich history with and who’s mission I fully support. Not long after I started, COVID-19 hit, and the governor shut down the economy. It was there I saw first-hand the power and passion of ABC members as they took to their phones and sent email blasts to elected officials. Those actions led to the construction industry re-opening sooner than most businesses, and the safety plans our experts created were used nationally. That same drive and passion has carried onto many other policy issues from apprenticeship ratios to union-funded local ordinances that shut out ABC members. Sometimes it takes rattling and scrappiness to get the attention of elected officials, so keep that up as we head into a new dawn of Pennsylvania politics.

For those that are not aware, I accepted a position to serve in the House Republican Caucus’ Research Department. This is a great opportunity for me to take on new challenges. The position comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility and has outstanding growth opportunities, so I could not pass it up.

I appreciate the lasting relationships I built over the years and trust my service with ABC PA made a difference. And I hope the relationships and the connections continue in my new capacity. The strength of ABC is the passion you bring to the construction industry, your care for the people you employ, and your dedication to the association. You will always have a champion with me on what you are doing.

Carry on the good fight and don’t let off the gas.

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Posted Nov 28, 2022