Do you want to live your life on your terms? Do you want to improve focus and stop procrastinating?

I have no doubt that you have read at least one of these questions across a multitude of mediums boasting tips and suggestions to make the life of your dreams.

I’m not going to guarantee you the life of your dreams, but I do think, if we find a medium that is entertaining to us, we have a better chance of hearing positive suggestions and in turn acting on them. To me, podcasts are usually the best choice, and I’d like to share with you a podcast I find entertaining and helpful for life tips. The Upgrade.

If you haven’t listened to Lifehacker’s weekly podcast, The Upgrade, you are missing out. You can find episodes on personal finances, negotiating like a pro, ending friendships, changing bad habits, and basically, anything you can think of in your life with which you’d like help, or even something you didn’t realize you needed. The episodes also range in length, which is helpful since most people have varying amounts of time to listen to podcasts.

The hosts are fun and always give you something to laugh about during the episodes. The guests offer fresh, funny, smart, and inspiring conversation. Take for example the most recent episode, “How to Stop Touching Your Face, with ‘Atomic Habits’ James Clear.” It’s upbeat and positive even while providing helpful hacks for something not so positive, the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Upgrade, in a nutshell, is good entertainment while also giving you practical, useful information to use in this moment. That being said, check out Lifehacker’s The Upgrade today wherever you get your podcasts, and I hope you enjoy!

Posted May 6, 2020