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COVID-19 has hit the construction industry hard, but as we adapt back to the new normal, being able to balance social distancing while remaining relevant is a steep hill to climb. Here are three tips to enhance your online presence and marketing abilities:

Tip #1: Remember that you are offering a service and that you are here to help! Reiterating to your customer base about how your company is responding to the pandemic and always remaining positive will help to remind the customer that, although what is happening is scary, there is help out there. Keeping the tone light and helpful, with just a pinch of sales thrown in, will definitely go the extra mile with the customer.

Tip #2: Develop interesting visuals and new marketing materials. Use free online software (like to create eye-catching infographics and highlight services to help to boost the connection between you and the customer – no matter how distanced you are. Try creating a video with your team to highlight your company’s response to COVID and remember to have fun with it! Marketing is going to be needed more than ever now, so keep in mind what types of marketing work on you and on your friends and observe what you are exposed to every day – use that your advantage.

Tip #3: Find new ways to connect. Try hosting a virtual happy hour, trivia night, or other virtual networking activity. Plenty of us are bored working from home and miss having social interaction with others. Keep it light, not too sales-oriented, and if you need more of a turn out – try including a raffle! Boost your social media presence, send a “just wanted to check in on you” email or even pick up the phone and call them. Remember to keep your outreach personable and meaningful.

As we adapt back to the new normal, don’t forget that strategies like these can also be used when we are not facing a pandemic. If anything, the pandemic has enforced more than ever that a virtual presence for your company is needed.

Remember that we are all going through this together. I hope to see you on the other side!

Posted July 9, 2020