Sheet Metal Instructor Matt Zook and the Sheet Metal apprenticeship classes are taking full advantage of the newly renovated mezzanine area in the skills lab at ABC’s Keystone Center for Construction Careers. A portion of the mezzanine has recently been converted from storage space into a fully outfitted sheet metal training lab. Zook, along with the help of the trainees in his class, completely transformed this space utilizing ABC Keystone provided equipment. This newly-enhanced Sheet Metal skills lab now provides increased opportunities for hands-on training on-site at ABC Keystone.

Zook’s Sheet Metal 1 class has already adapted to and begun to utilize their new space. The apprentices spent hands-on time in class this week making different fittings, including: a Wye Branch, 90 degree elbow with square heel and throat, 90 degree elbow with radius heel and throat, 45 degree elbow with radius heel and throat, tap in, and square transitions.

Current and future Sheet Metal apprenticeship classes will benefit greatly from the new set up of the workspace and the ease of access to all equipment needed for training. Thank you to the instructor Matt Zook and the trainees for their time making these enhancements to the training center.