By: Benjamin A. Paulding, Senior Accountant, McKonly & Asbury, LLP and 2019 YP Committee Chair

After some engaging and collaborative whiteboard sessions in 2018, our committee honed in on our mission:

“Empowering Young Professionals to integrate into ABC and the construction industry through networking, education & mentorship.”

As we have focused on our three-pronged approach in creating networking, education and mentorship opportunities, our committee noted the need for a more formal vehicle to facilitate our efforts and give recognition to those key committee members that are devoting significant time and energy to the development of young professionals within our committee and ABC at large.

Enter LeaderTrak…

LeaderTrak is an in-committee, point-based program for ABC Keystone Young Professionals who want to take their committee membership to the next level through developing, practicing, and exemplifying their leadership skills.

Our committee’s plan for LeaderTrak is to empower young professionals to become the next generation of construction industry leaders and advocates.  LeaderTrak is a year-long program built on a system of different development and mentorship opportunities that benefit our committee, community, and ABC Keystone members.

LeaderTrak will develop the next generation of future leaders through:

  1. Educating YPs on the overall operations and offerings of ABC and member companies
  2. Integrating YPs into other areas of ABC that align with their skills and interests
  3. Positioning committed YPs in places of increased responsibility and growing influence within ABC.

One of our key initiatives for education and mentorship within our LeaderTrak program have been our “Mentor Minutes” and “Day in the Life” presentations which have been built into the fabric of our monthly meetings.  These presentations are approximately 30 minutes long and are made to the committee to develop construction business generalist skills. Most recent topics have included:

  • “Preparing for Bid Day” as presented by Tim Myers of Wohlsen Construction
  • “Vision, Mission & Calibrated Goals” as presented by myself
  • “Revenue Recognition for Contractors” brought to us by Kevin VanPelt of The Walz Group.

As a member of the committee, I have never been more excited to be a part of such a dynamic group of passionate young professionals. We are pressing in to our mission and are welcoming many new faces to our meetings.

If you’re a young professional who’s looking to develop your understanding of the industry and learning to lead well, we invite you to join us!  To learn more please reach out to me directly via – I’d love to connect.

March 19, 2019