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Thank you for your service and membership with ABC! It is safe to say the start of the new decade did not go as anyone intended. Our members continue to manage the effects of the pandemic and are concerned about business prospects in 2021. Despite these challenges, ABC chapters and members have been more active in our advocacy efforts than ever before. In fact, during and after the shutdown, our grassroots network grew by nearly 50 percent. Thank you!

On November 3, voters across the Commonwealth and nation chose our leaders for the next Congress and State Legislature. In mid-November, the state House and Senate Republican and Democratic Caucuses vote on a new leadership slate for the upcoming session. After those internal elections take place, leaders will assign committee chairs and then assign members to the various committees. We will be certain to keep ABC members apprised of those results.

The issues important to the merit shop are not easy. To be successful, it takes all of us moving in the same direction, building mutual support, teamwork, and partnerships. I am proud to report on a few examples of how this teamwork has paid-off:

  • The Central Pennsylvania Chapter continues to support the House and Senate majority leaders, both of which reside in Centre County.
  • The Cumberland Valley Chapter was instrumental in illustrating the conflicting rules between states both during and after the COVID-19 economic shutdown.
  • The Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter has done a tremendous job connecting with federal candidates running against incumbents in the southeast and northeast.
  • The Keystone Chapter’s Board Chair testified on much-needed reforms to the apprenticeship system and continues to represent the merit shop on the State Apprenticeship Council.
  • Last, but not least, the Western Pennsylvania Chapter has been front-and-center in the fight against shale taxes and has been victorious in fighting against project labor agreements at the county-level.

As we reflect on these successes, my challenge to ABC members is to remember how effective we were and enhance the “loudness” of our voice in the days and years to come. It does make a difference.

November is also a time to give thanks. I want to thank every ABC member for their support and confidence in our advocacy work over the past year. Our successes are truly a team effort, and I want to recognize and thank Austin Cawley for the excellent job he has been doing on behalf of ABC. Austin has been a key contributor to our many successes.

As we approach 2021 and beyond, I look forward to working with ABC’s leaders and members to advance and defend the principles of the merit shop. We have much to do!

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Posted November 3, 2020