Merit Shop Training & Research Center Scholarships

The MSTRC Scholarships are designed to assist individuals seeking to further their education in careers in construction.

To be eligible, applicants must enroll in a trade school, college or university program that is directly related to a construction career. This includes skilled trades, engineering, or construction management.

The Merit Shop Training and Research Center was established several years ago, by Associated Builders & Contractors, Keystone Chapter, (ABC Keystone) as a non-profit fund whose mission is to provide financial assistance to students who have chosen construction-related career paths. The Center is funded by members of the Chapter, who have taken upon themselves the responsibility to be proactive in assisting men and women in their preparation for this industry. The Center has awarded over $494,000 since its inception. This program would not be possible without all of the individuals that contribute to the Center. Thank you!

Applications are reviewed by distinguished industry professionals serving on the Scholarship Selection Committee of the Merit Shop Training & Research Center, Inc. The scholarships are awarded solely on the basis of merit and without regard for the race, color, religion, national origin or gender of applicants.

The 2019/2020 scholarship awards application window is now open. 

Past Scholarship Winners

How to Apply for the 2019-2020 Scholarships:

“The Merit Shop Scholarship was a vital source of funding for my five-year Bachelor’s of Architecture education. The substantial financial aid that it provided allowed me to focus on my studies rather than seeking supplemental income during the school year. Additionally, I found the application process to be thought provoking as I considered the implications of the merit shop philosophy on my future career…”

– Chad Garrety, Seidel Architects, San Francisco, CA

Questions about Scholarships?

Contact Stephanie Larkin, V.P. of Education, Safety and Workforce Development