By Brittanie Lewis, Risk Management Administrative Assistant, Wohlsen Construction Company

Fears and vulnerabilities by no means signal “I won’t be successful.” I don’t have to have all of the answers, and neither do you. This isn’t a movie. We are not the seemingly invincible superheroes.

My voicemails used to pile up on post-its marked ‘Call Back.’ Then, one day I gained an amazing administrative assistant to whom I could delegate all of my phone calls, and that’s exactly what I did. Those options got the job done, eventually. But they never let me accept my vulnerabilities and/or validate them. Those responses provided me with no opportunity for growth. They only left me feeling embarrassed and defeated. It never solved the problem, and it affected how I felt about myself and my capabilities in the workplace every time I needed to make a phone call on my own.

It may seem silly that I get anxiety even thinking of making phone calls, because this is not one of your vulnerabilities. I guarantee you have at least one vulnerability, though. Maybe you don’t know what it is yet. Maybe you aren’t ready to acknowledge it yet, or maybe you are finally ready to face it head on.

No matter where you are at, please give yourself and those around you a break! Do yourself a favor and don’t run away from fears. Acknowledge and work through what you perceive as weaknesses, and in doing this, you are more likely to overcome them or at least find a balance where they don’t rule your life. The growth you experience can make work relationships bloom and make career satisfaction achievable.

For me, phone calls don’t sit in post-it piles anymore, but that doesn’t mean all my anxiety is gone. The difference is that I don’t let it hold me back from my potential. I take a few breaths, make some notes to feel better prepared. I validate myself with a simple phrase like “it’s ok to be nervous,” and then I pick up the phone and dial.

November 5, 2019