Meet Nathan!
How did you get involved in the industry?
I’ve been with Questmont Bank for five years. As a kid, I was intrigued with finance and knew I wanted to own run a business at an early age. I worked in a painting business during my high school and college summers and made great money, especially for a teenage boy. After graduating in my senior year, I was advised to send as much money as possible to my college to help reduce my student loans. I began questioning this as I realized I had sent a large sum of money to my now alma mater over the years but didn’t have much to fall back on. I struggled after graduating because I didn’t find a job immediately. Had I thought more broadly, I likely would have done things differently. Instead, this experience drove me to be that outlet for others to provide broad and unbiased guidance on maximizing the resources they’ve been given.

Nathan Imboden
President – PA Division

About Questmont:
Questmont was launched in 1994 and is a locally owned and operated Virtual Family Office. Wealth management is what we do, but we’re really known for taking ownership of our client’s concerns, so they can focus on making a real impact in their business and life. Our practice focuses on serving business owners planning for their business’s future. Exiting/transitioning a company may be the most complex process an owner can go through. Our mission is to simplify and streamline that process to help maximize an owner’s results.

Did You Know?
Questmont produces a podcast, “The BORN Podcast.” The podcasts discuss the realities of starting, growing, and running successful organizations. We do this by interviewing business owners to hear directly from their experiences while allowing them to share their stories and provide exposure for their businesses. In addition, we talk finance, HR, marketing, exiting the company, and much more. And yes, we do discuss politics/policies that affect our businesses.

The best business advice you’ve ever received.
Be yourself. You can’t fake being authentic; people want to deal with you, not a fabricated version of you.

The best part about the work you do.
Witnessing the relief of our client’s experience by taking ownership of their concerns. I love seeing the “aha” moments when clients achieve clarity about their goals and focus more on their ultimate passions because they know they can, or ultimately achieve, things in life they never thought possible.

Your favorite tech gadget.
I’d have to say my Skytrak golf launch monitor/simulator. It allows me to practice/play golf year round!

Most days after work, you’ll find me…?
At church, playing golf, or reading a good book.


Posted April 3, 2023