ABC Keystone’s Roofing Apprenticeship Program launched in October 2023. Today, there are 15 roofing apprentices from Detwiler Roofing & David M. Maines Associates, Inc. enrolled in the program. The roofing apprenticeship program is geared toward aspiring construction professionals seeking to learn essential roofing skills in a specialized program.
Michael Hanna, of Detwiler Roofing stated, “Establishing trade recognition with this program can indeed provide numerous benefits, both for the individuals involved and the roofing industry as a whole. It offers valuable training, knowledge, and opportunities for growth on and off the job. It helps to shape skilled professionals but also contributes to the overall advancement and sustainability of the roofing industry.”
Roofing is a 2-year apprenticeship program that requires 144 RTI classroom hours per year and a total of 4200 OJT on-the-job-training hours. Once both are completed, the apprentice will earn their journeyman credentials from Labor & Industry. Roofing registered apprenticeship meets RCO requirements that many contractors that seeing on scale jobs in many areas.
Over the course of the program, students will focus on OSHA 10, aerial lift, and rough terrain certification. Apprentices will also be trained in the following modules:
• Intro to Roofing
• Roofing Safety
• Drawings in Roofing
• Intro to Steep-Slope Roofing
• Intro to Low-Slope Roofing
• Substrates, Decks, and Roof Insulation
• Sheet Metal in Roofing.