Rallying for Reform: Pennsylvania’s Call for Better Governance | June 2024

Over the past year, numerous articles have been fixated on the disappointing performance of our elected officials, and it’s time for a change. Politics have overshadowed policy matters, to the detriment of workers and taxpayers across all levels of government. Instead of productive governance, we often witness bitter partisan squabbling that paralyzes progress, and unfortunately, Pennsylvania is particularly notorious for this.

Consider the nearly five-month delay in determining committee assignments and adopting rules for House proceedings due to the narrow Democratic majority, compounded by a series of resignations, including one amidst allegations of sexual harassment. Moreover, there’s been a flurry of bills in both chambers aimed at appeasing unions, while the governor makes grand promises to labor organizations but struggles to pass a timely budget, now risking a delay until fall, even in an election year. Ultimately, these internal struggles benefit few Pennsylvanians.

The crux of the matter is that we can and should do better. Pennsylvania deserves better leadership, and our community, which diligently contributes to vital infrastructure projects, refuses to accept excuses commonly made by government. This isn’t merely a complaint or an observation; it’s a rallying cry for anyone considering entering the realm of public service with a genuine intent to effect change.

The ABC Keystone Chapter is spearheading a series of informative sessions for those interested in exploring opportunities at every level of governance, from local school boards to Congress. Stay engaged with local affairs, keep a watchful eye on developments in your community and schools, and pay closer attention to the news. We urgently need more individuals willing to assume leadership roles and make critical decisions that shape our collective future.

If you’re intrigued and want to learn more before the official announcement, feel free to reach out to jim@abckeystone.org. As we delve into government discussions on less productive endeavors next month, or worse, actions that hinder business growth in our state, remember that your frustration is justified. We need more individuals like you, and those you trust, to step up as candidates, just as much as we need advocacy voices in our state capitol.