Recognizing Your Growth Potential

Recognizing your potential - ABC Keystone

Potential. Despite being a relatively simple word, the word ‘Potential’ has many meanings. By definition, potential can refer to having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. It can also be described as latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness. Something I found interesting when working on this article were all the similar words associated with potential: Possibilities. Prospects. Promise. Capability. Talent. Power.

Welcome to the Circus: Performer Relationships Key to Success

The big top. A fantastic display of jaw dropping stunts and tricks, consisting of numerous acts, all unique in their own way, fueled by the applause and excitement of the crowd. Each individual act is equally important and plays a key role. The circus has one person in the center, the driver behind the whole show, the ringmaster. The ringmaster guides the program from act to act to maintain the crowd’s excitement, produce the best show possible and convince the crowd to come back. It is important that the ringmaster and the performers see eye-to-eye and work together for the entire show. The key to a fantastic circus is not one specific act, but instead every individual piece working together seamlessly under the direction of the ringmaster.

ABC Member ROI: Engagement Pays Dividends!

When you invest in membership with ABC Keystone, your ROI directly correlates to your company’s level of engagement. You gain dividends far beyond your investment by taking advantage of your benefits. These include member-exclusive discounts on training, education, and affinity programs; numerous business development events and committee meetings throughout the year providing you the opportunity to build relationships with ABC members looking for your products and services; and dedicated advocacy efforts taking place at the state and federal level on behalf of your business.